The Island Bakery decided to rebrand their complete biscuits packaging range and they went to agency Ziggurat Brands to transform their product. I was commissioned by Ziggurat Brands to come up with a number of fun characters to playfully represent  island life across the packets. I was also commissioned to illustrate waves dolphins and fishing boats for the inside of the boxes, which is a nice touch for the consumers to find.

  • Project : Packaging for the Island Bakery

  • Commissioned by : Ziggurat Brands

  • Web Link : Island Bakery


Illustration on the theme of the Kings news clothes for an article in Marketing magazine. 

  • Project : Kings new clothes article

  • Commissioned by : Marketing magazine

  • Medium : dip pen, wash and Photoshop

  • Web Link : Marketing Magazine


For a year and a half I regularly contributed a monthly illustrations and animations to the health and fitness page of The Square Mile magazine. The animation was used in the ipad version of the magazine and called for the illustration to work as a loop cycle at the top of the page. 

  • Project : Monthly Health and Fitness articles

  • Commissioned by : Square Mile Magazine

  • Medium : dip pen and wash

  • Web Link : Square Mile Magazine

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 21.51.19.png

A fantastic commission to produce a poster and magazine cover for The Travel Goods show, a yearly exhibition of all that is best in travel products. It was a fun commission and a challenge to show as many of the exhibited products as possible in the poster design for the Las Vegas Travel Good Show 2012.

  • Project : Poster and magazine cover

  • Commissioned by : The Travel Goods Show 2012 Las Vegas event

  • Medium : dip pen, wash and Photoshop

  • Web Link : The Travel Goods Show


Ask  Magazine is a fantastic magazine for kids focusing on the Arts and Sciences and presented in a fun way. The cover was for an Autumn edition of the magazine on the theme of the weather.

  • Project : Front Cover Design

  • Commissioned by : Ask magazine

  • Medium : dip pen, wash and Photoshop

  • Web Link : Ask magazine for kids