Emma the Dutch inventor

This is a new strip I'm playing with about a ship of fools, plus one smart girl called Emma who solves all the problems the sailors are having. I'm using Rembrandt's etchings as reference.

Cycle King

This is an image made up of bits from my different lino prints.

cycle king.jpg

Marits wonderful ceramics

I luckily stopped by Marits studio today and got my first chance to see our joint project plates just out of the kiln. 

Plate designs

I've embarked on a collaboration with the very talented Marit Ammerud. Her ceramics are fantastic and full of beautiful designs and ideas. I am producing lino print illustrations of cyclist which she is going to glaze onto a new designed set of plates. Here is a sketch from my sketchbook of the first design. It's a family in a dutch bike, but the father is pedaling as if he is in the Tour De France. http://allgoneceramics.com/home.html

Sketchbook scribbles

Today on the train I filled in the last character from this old poster advert I love drawing these very thin lines and then fill in the block areas with little lines, the final effect always reminds me of etchings.