My new project

I've just started a new personal project, to document modern life. It's fun when a project comes in and the subject is set in a distant years. There is all the research into what people wore and the objects that were everyday pars of their lives, but when the subject matter is set in the modern day, it can be hard to find good reference on line as to the kind of clothes people wear and the things in peoples lives. There are online clothing catalogs and every product is there also, but these are always gleaming new products and really don't portray the way people actually look in modern day. People slouch, are fat, are thin are lanky or small. There body language tell stories of their life and how they feel about themeless and the world around them. A perfect model in a perfect landscape is poor reference for modern life. Sometimes also I found myself just putting everyone into jeans, t shirts and trainers, and feeling that modern culture was boring to draw compared with other periods in history. The new project I have set myself is to document modern life.I first started the project rolling by going out on my bike with a camera and snapping real people in the street to look at the details of modern clothing and draw up as one off illustrations. This will be very useful as a way to keep my illustrations fresh and also useful as reference for future projects.